Speed Mentoring Supporting the Architects Benevolent Society

Held on Thursday 9th May 2024, this event is the inaugural speed mentoring event Hosted by Hoskins Architects in aid of the Architects Benevolent Society [ABS].

Mentoring is a powerful tool that can help individuals grow both personally and professionally. It provides an opportunity for individuals to connect with experienced professionals who can offer guidance, support, and advice. Speed mentoring is a relatively new concept that takes this idea to the next level by providing a fast-paced, energetic environment where participants can connect with industry leaders in a fun, informal way.

Having realised the benefits of enjoyable experiences both as a mentee for her RIAS conservation accreditation, and as a mentor for the Women in Architecture UK mentoring scheme in 2022, Associate Melanie Hay undertook to implement a mentoring programme within the Glasgow studio(s) of Hoskins Architects.

In February 2023, with the support of her colleagues in the organisation’s Wellbeing Group, Melanie designed and launched an internal mentoring programme with the aim of providing staff members with guidance and support from colleagues outside of their immediate team. The programme covered various topics such as career development, office culture, knowledge sharing, skill building, networking, work/life balance and mental wellbeing. The programme was very well received by all who participated.

On the back of this success and as her first major undertaking in her role as an ABS ambassador, this year Melanie has designed a Speed Mentoring event to raise funds to support the vital work the charity undertakes, offering assistance to those in need in the architectural community and to their families.

The event is designed to be an energetic evening of five 10-minute sessions where mentees can connect with a selection from twenty industry leaders. The discussions are facilitated in a fast-paced, friendly, and informal way.

Hosted in the beautifully restored Liberty Suite in the Category A-listed Parish Halls section of the AC Hotel by Marriott, the event is completely free to attend, although donations are welcome, with all proceeds from the evening going to ABS.

This year, the event has been made financially possible through generous sponsorship from Altro and Solus, with the room provided free by AC Marriott. Additionally, the RIAS, Urban Realm, and ATG have provided prizes to be raffled on the night.

All the details of the event can be found on the Eventbrite page.

The Architects Benevolent Society is doing incredible work to support those in need in the architectural community. This speed mentoring event is an excellent way to support their mission while learning from experienced professionals.

08 Mai, 2024