Day of Architecture 2024 Berlin

Our Berlin studio is taking part in the "Tag der Architektur 2024" (Day of Architecture) on June 30th and will be opening its doors to the public in the afternoon. We look forward to seeing you there for our discussions on: “Transforming Historic Cultural Buildings” and “The Change in our Planning Culture.”

29 Mai, 2024

Day of Architecture 2024 Berlin

Our Berlin studio is taking part in the "Tag der Architektur 2024" (Day of Architecture) on June 30th and will be opening its doors to the public in the afternoon. We look forward to seeing you there for our discussions on: “Transforming Historic Cultural Buildings” and “The Change in our Planning Culture.”

29 Mai, 2024

Scottish Design Awards - Finalists 2024

We are delighted that two of our most significant recent projects have been announced as finalists for this year's Scottish Design Awards 2024. Appearing in separate categories both involved the sensitive re-working of important listed buildings, in prominent city centre locations.

In the heart of Edinburgh’s UNESCO world heritage site, the new Scottish Galleries at the National, for Scottish National Galleries is nominated in the Public Building category, whilst in Glasgow, directly opposite the City Chambers on George Street, the AC Hotel by Marriott is shortlisted in the Commercial / Office / Hotel Building or Project category. The latter breathes new life into the former Parish Halls connecting them with a carefully considered, ten storey new-build block that respectfully integrates with its context.

The Scottish Galleries project involved extensively reworking an area of 1970s office accommodation and adjacent, seldom visited Scottish Collection gallery to create a world-class gallery space, appropriate for the display of the important collection of works in the Scottish National Collection. The design team focused on improving legibility, accessibility, and circulation throughout the entire complex, enhancing the entrance and facade, and significantly increasing the amount of space available for art.

AC Hotel Glasgow is a part of the ambitious, £100M Love Loan redevelopment project undertaken for Chris Stewart Group in Glasgow's central conservation area. The project repairs the city block by bringing unused listed buildings back into sustainable use, addressing an unsightly, long-standing gap site, adding two major new buildings, and carefully establishing connections between all the elements, as well as reimagining the public realm to create a dynamic new . The hotel, one of the first major elements to complete, opened in the autumn of 2023 and features a new-build 10 storey block, carefully connected to the restored and refurbished, A-listed former Glasgow Parish Halls.

Several significant challenges were overcome to deliver both projects, including working in tight city centre locations, excavation beneath a Category A-listed building of national importance and discovering significant "unknowns" during construction.

We are grateful to our own team, consultants and clients for all their dedication and hard work on both these fantastic projects, and we look forward to the results of the Scottish Design Awards.

21 Mai, 2024

Speed Mentoring Supporting the Architects Benevolent Society

Held on Thursday 9th May 2024, this event is the inaugural speed mentoring event Hosted by Hoskins Architects in aid of the Architects Benevolent Society [ABS].

Mentoring is a powerful tool that can help individuals grow both personally and professionally. It provides an opportunity for individuals to connect with experienced professionals who can offer guidance, support, and advice. Speed mentoring is a relatively new concept that takes this idea to the next level by providing a fast-paced, energetic environment where participants can connect with industry leaders in a fun, informal way.

Having realised the benefits of enjoyable experiences both as a mentee for her RIAS conservation accreditation, and as a mentor for the Women in Architecture UK mentoring scheme in 2022, Associate Melanie Hay undertook to implement a mentoring programme within the Glasgow studio(s) of Hoskins Architects.

In February 2023, with the support of her colleagues in the organisation’s Wellbeing Group, Melanie designed and launched an internal mentoring programme with the aim of providing staff members with guidance and support from colleagues outside of their immediate team. The programme covered various topics such as career development, office culture, knowledge sharing, skill building, networking, work/life balance and mental wellbeing. The programme was very well received by all who participated.

On the back of this success and as her first major undertaking in her role as an ABS ambassador, this year Melanie has designed a Speed Mentoring event to raise funds to support the vital work the charity undertakes, offering assistance to those in need in the architectural community and to their families.

The event is designed to be an energetic evening of five 10-minute sessions where mentees can connect with a selection from twenty industry leaders. The discussions are facilitated in a fast-paced, friendly, and informal way.

Hosted in the beautifully restored Liberty Suite in the Category A-listed Parish Halls section of the AC Hotel by Marriott, the event is completely free to attend, although donations are welcome, with all proceeds from the evening going to ABS.

This year, the event has been made financially possible through generous sponsorship from Altro and Solus, with the room provided free by AC Marriott. Additionally, the RIAS, Urban Realm, and ATG have provided prizes to be raffled on the night.

All the details of the event can be found on the Eventbrite page.

The Architects Benevolent Society is doing incredible work to support those in need in the architectural community. This speed mentoring event is an excellent way to support their mission while learning from experienced professionals.

08 Mai, 2024

Healthcare Buildings Forum Scotland 2024

On Thursday, 25th April, Associate Rory McCoy, HA project lead on the Parkhead Hub, presented at Healthcare Buildings Forum Scotland 2024 on this year's theme: “Delivering sustainable healthcare facilities fit for the future.”

As the demand for healthcare facilities continues to grow, it's important to design and build structures that are environmentally friendly, efficient and adaptable.

We're proud to be at the forefront of this movement with our latest healthcare project, the Parkhead Hub, due for completion at the end of summer. Scotland’s largest health and social care centre, it represents a further evolution of our Reference Health design; a significant increase in scale and environmental performance, and a more integrated approach to health and social care.

The design features a clear and welcoming entrance, intuitive wayfinding, flexibility, and space efficiency through standardisation, and space for partners. Designed for fossil fuel-free operation, the Parkhead Hub anticipates future healthcare demands, ensuring adaptability and efficiency. Our team has embedded flexibility and environmental considerations into the initial design, emphasizing constant testing throughout development to achieve a forward-thinking healthcare facility.

25 April, 2024

International Women’s Day 2024

In anticipation of International Women’s Day [08/03/2024], our Wellbeing Group hosted a design discussion to acknowledge and celebrate the contributions of women and people of marginalised genders to the world of architecture. Together, we met as a studio to share experiences and insights to educate ourselves on the challenges women face working within the construction industry with the aim of helping to further progress in the fight against gender discrimination.

Globally, 30% of architects are women, but far fewer progress to positions of senior leadership in practice. By sharing insights on the architects and those working in our industry who inspire us, we celebrated the work and achievements of those women. Those who felt able to were encouraged to share personal experiences on the obstacles they may have or fear they could face and the successes they had won.

At the heart of this event is the idea that feminist design principles can and should integrate into all aspects of architecture and the built environment. Feminist design principles call for more inclusive, equitable, and sustainable design practices that respond to the needs and experiences of all people, regardless of gender identity or expression. By embracing these principles and working to create more inclusive spaces, we can help to create a world that is more just and equitable for all.

Image: A selection of books taken from our studio library celebrating just a few of the women in design that we find inspiring.

11 März, 2024