Healthcare Buildings Forum Scotland 2024

On Thursday, 25th April, Associate Rory McCoy, HA project lead on the Parkhead Hub, presented at Healthcare Buildings Forum Scotland 2024 on this year's theme: “Delivering sustainable healthcare facilities fit for the future.”

As the demand for healthcare facilities continues to grow, it's important to design and build structures that are environmentally friendly, efficient and adaptable.

We're proud to be at the forefront of this movement with our latest healthcare project, the Parkhead Hub, due for completion at the end of summer. Scotland’s largest health and social care centre, it represents a further evolution of our Reference Health design; a significant increase in scale and environmental performance, and a more integrated approach to health and social care.

The design features a clear and welcoming entrance, intuitive wayfinding, flexibility, and space efficiency through standardisation, and space for partners. Designed for fossil fuel-free operation, the Parkhead Hub anticipates future healthcare demands, ensuring adaptability and efficiency. Our team has embedded flexibility and environmental considerations into the initial design, emphasizing constant testing throughout development to achieve a forward-thinking healthcare facility.

25 April, 2024