Weltmuseum Wien Friends design concept presentation

The consortium of Hoskins Architects and Ralph Appelbaum Associates have been very fortunate to work with this historical site of extraordinary quality. Over the past two years we have worked together with great passion and creativity designing the Weltmuseum Wien and its new permanent exhibition.

In close collaboration with the Weltmuseum Wien team, a vision for the reopening has been developed that respects the historical character of the building, while integrating a contemporary architectural and exhibition design. With the guidance of the Austrian Federal Monuments Office, the two-year design redevelopment will adapt the museum to reflect contemporary museum practices.

On 1 June, Thomas Bernatzky and Frank Forell will present the design concept exclusively for the Weltmuseum Wien Friends. This will give participants a view into the future of the Museum, and provide a unique opportunity to experience and engage with the refurbishment from the perspective of the designers.

May 2016