Gray House St Andrews, UK

A direct commission from a private client, this family home is located on the edge of the St. Andrews Conservation Area in a unique, long, narrow gap site in a residential area. During the design process, which lead to a successful Planning Approval, the proposal gained a letter of support from the St. Andrews Preservation Society for its sensitive approach. The design is constrained by a site which is approximately 150m long by 23m wide with an existing mature beech hedge bordering the site and surrounded by existing dwellings. The house consists of two plain white monolithic boxes of differing scales, and two crafted timber cubes. These sit along the datum throughout the length of the site, with the gap between the two white rendered boxes forming a sheltered entrance and a controlled view through the house to the garden beyond. Their strong form in white render with crafted timber elements, produce a contemporary home that is integrated into the site, creating a sense of quiet privacy with minimal impact on neighbouring aspects. The design includes a series of carefully controlled external spaces, for relaxing, entertaining, and gardening. The building is detailed to result in low levels of energy consumption using high insulation and air-tightness values.
  • Client Private
  • StatusFertiggestellt
  • Area 400 m²