Hoskins Architects’ Certified Mediator – Gabriele Bernatzky


Our congratulation go to director Gabi Bernatzky, based in our Berlin office, who has become an accredited Mediator in Design, Construction and the Environment. Hosted by the Bavarian Institute of Architects over the last year, the certification course included: training in conflict control procedures, conflict regulation as a communication process, and mediation in private construction and major projects.

As planning processes become increasingly complex, the involvement of conflicting interest groups in decision-making is becoming increasingly important. Mediation is an excellent way to handle such conflicts constructively; the impartial mediator provides the process, structure and support to assist in resolving conflicts or difficult negotiations.

These skills apply not only to contractual disputes but are also exceptionally useful in supporting early decision-making processes within client bodies. Clear and timely decisions are critical to identifying and developing a strong brief, which we see as a vital part of any successful project. Mediation techniques also underpin a professional and substantive approach to wider stakeholder engagement, often not taken seriously enough in our industry.

If you have a project where identifying a common goal amongst stakeholders or developing a cohesive and well-structured brief is important, or a situation where professional mediation could be of assistance please get in touch via berlin@hoskinsarchitects.com

April 2018