International Women’s Day 2024

In anticipation of International Women’s Day [08/03/2024], our Wellbeing Group hosted a design discussion to acknowledge and celebrate the contributions of women and people of marginalised genders to the world of architecture. Together, we met as a studio to share experiences and insights to educate ourselves on the challenges women face working within the construction industry with the aim of helping to further progress in the fight against gender discrimination.

Globally, 30% of architects are women, but far fewer progress to positions of senior leadership in practice. By sharing insights on the architects and those working in our industry who inspire us, we celebrated the work and achievements of those women. Those who felt able to were encouraged to share personal experiences on the obstacles they may have or fear they could face and the successes they had won.

At the heart of this event is the idea that feminist design principles can and should integrate into all aspects of architecture and the built environment. Feminist design principles call for more inclusive, equitable, and sustainable design practices that respond to the needs and experiences of all people, regardless of gender identity or expression. By embracing these principles and working to create more inclusive spaces, we can help to create a world that is more just and equitable for all.

Image: A selection of books taken from our studio library celebrating just a few of the women in design that we find inspiring.

11 March, 2024