The Inukshuk

Returning to work today we received a beautiful, thoughtful and touching gift from our friend and former colleague Chloe van Grieken, now living and working in Canada. The following description of her gift was written in the accompanying card.

The Inukshuk

Inuit word for “the image of man”; the Inukshuk was traditionally a stone structure used as a wayfinding device in the northern wilderness.

The Inukshuk provides direction, and guides the way. It is a marker of those that have travelled the path before us, and are watching out for us to ensure we don’t lose ourselves and our purpose.

As a structure, the Inukshuk is dependent on each individual stone, and requires balance and unity.

In more modern times, the Inukshuk has become a symbol of hope, safety and friendship, as well as symbolising the human spirit and the strength we can find in terms of adversity.

Thanks Chloe, we’ll cherish it.

January 2017