Pacific Quay Masterplan Glasgow, UK

Following a second placing in the international design competition for the masterplanning of Pacific Quay in 2002, Hoskins Architects were approached by the BBC and Glasgow City Council to come on-board to revisit the existing proposals in 2004. This involved extensive workshops with the various stakeholders to produce a new masterplan that would provide a cohesive framework for the ongoing development of this key area on the south bank of the Clyde. The project looked at developing a framework that looks beyond the immediate boundaries of the site to create a considered regeneration strategy within the context of transport connections, the city centre, surrounding communities and the ‘river corridor’ as a whole. This dense mix allows the smaller, yet growing digital industries to develop alongside and feed off the larger commercial operations and organisations such as Scottish Screen and the BBC. Combined with these ‘work’ elements, there would also be a range of support and leisure facilities.
  • Client BBC/Glasgow City Council
  • StatusRahmenplanung 2005
  • Area 30,0 ha

Stadt + Raum