Eastsite Campus Office Redevelopment Munich, Germany

The 25,000sqm office building is located near Munich East Station, close to the city centre. The complex was built in 1979 and had been refurbished in 1999 and fitted with a second skin glass facade. However in 2010 only 30% of the office space was let.

Following an initial feasibility study Deka Immobilien commissioned Hoskins Architects to develop and implement a new architectural concept to create maximum effect on a tight budget aimed at radically changing the perception of the building to reposition of the building on the market. The proposed measures include redesign of the external facade and all public areas, a new fire strategy to allow corridor free office spaces and refurbishment of 5,500sqm roof implementing an extensive green roof.

  • Client Deka Immobilien GmbH
  • StatusPlanning Approval 2013
  • Area 25,000 m²