Rockvilla - National Theatre of Scotland HQ Glasgow, UK

Hoskins Architects were commissioned to design the National Theatre of Scotland's headquarters, bringing together various departments previously scattered across several buildings. In keeping with the company’s brand of a 'Theatre Without Walls' - a commitment to performing to diverse geographic audiences, with Scotland as its stage - this new facility, Rockvilla, will not host public performances, but rather is a creative engine room for the Company. Rockvilla will facilitate their expansion nationally and internationally, and will continue to reinvigorate a part of Glasgow that is fast becoming its cultural quarter.

This redevelopment of a disused industrial warehouse on the banks of the Forth & Clyde Canal provides: three rehearsal rooms of varying scales, a learning and community suite, wardrobe department, production workshop and technical store; plus office space and social areas.

The building is clad in sinusoidal metal, arranged in four horizontal bands. This produces a composed and calm façade that maintains an industrial aesthetic in keeping with the history of the site, and the vision of a “creative factory”. Use of a limited palette of materials internally with an exposed steel structure continues the raw aesthetic, while meeting the performance requirements of a modern theatre company. The project completed late 2016, and officially opened in early 2017.

  • Client National Theatre of Scotland
  • StatusCompleted
  • Area 3,700 m²

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