Festung Marienberg, Construction Phase 1 Würzburg, Germany

As part of the conversion to the Museum für Franken, the entire listed fortress complex at Marienberg is being renovated and remodeled, in several construction phases, in order to meet today's requirements as a museum. The entire design is based on a sensitive approach to the listed building.

Particular attention is being paid to the use of sustainable and historically available building materials such as clay, lime and timber. Furthermore, the fortress and the museum are to be made accessible.

The project includes the internal restructuring and remodeling of the fortress on a total usable area of approx. 11,800 m². This includes areas for the new permanent exhibition, special exhibition, visitor infrastructure and ancillary spaces.

In the historic outer bailey, approx. 900 m² of space has already been implemented for necessary infrastructure of the castle and garden administration as the first construction measure.

  • Client Staatliches Bauamt Würzburg, Bayerische Schlösserverwaltung
  • StatusConstruction Phase 1, Completed

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