Architecture for All Gallery London, UK

This £1million architecture gallery is housed at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London and presents a range of material unparalleled in any other permanent architectural display. The existing galleries were entirely refurbished and reworked. New installations were conceived as freestanding elements requiring minimal fixing to the existing fabric, other than for restraint and the provision of service connections.

The museum exhibits and spaces are brought to life through a series of bold and contemporary structures clearly set against the historic fabric. The lighting scheme for the new gallery highlights this contrast between the new elements and the existing space, making the fabric of the Grade 1 listed Aston Webb building an exhibit in itself. The new gallery, designed as a series of elegant structures that sit within the existing space, is conceived as a ‘street’ that leads visitors through its length, presenting opportunities to explore different themes on architecture throughout.

  • Client Victoria & Albert Museum
  • StatusCompleted
  • Area 440 m²

Arts + Heritage