Renaissance Museum Nizwa, Oman

Hoskins Architects were shortlisted from an invited long-list of internationally renowned architects to develop detailed proposals for the Renaissance Museum in Oman. The Renaissance Museum gives Omani’s the chance to reflect on the past, present and future of their country and in particular the all-encompassing achievements of the Renaissance Period.

The design of the new Museum therefore aims to combine a strong identity, recognisable both to Omanis and the wider world. The design brings together three interconnected elements; the Plinth - containing all of the Museum facilities and support spaces, is a pure geometric angular form clad in local limestone; the Gardens - a series of hidden oases enclosed by the arms of the plinth, that engage with the undulating form of the wadi and open out to views of the Hajar mountains; and crowning the site is the Jewel Box - decorated with traditional Omani patterns, containing the main galleries of the Museum, and appearing to float above the plinth to create a strong sculptural landmark in the vastness of the desert.

  • Client Royal Court of Affairs, Oman
  • StatusCompetition Finalist 2014
  • Area 32,500 m²

Arts + Heritage