Ulster Folk Museum Belfast, NI, UK

Reawakening the Ulster Folk Museum: the museum was established to preserve the distinctive way of life, past and present, of the people of Ulster. This ambitious £50M project seeks to ‘reawaken’ the significance of forgotten customs, skills and knowledge as resources for promoting new ideas and actions in response to the issues we face in today’s world including cultural diversity, wellbeing and environmental change.

These objectives will be delivered through a series of sustainable buildings and interventions carefully located across the 56ha site: a new ‘Culture Hub’ will provide an enhanced welcome for visitors as well as an introduction to the museum’s folk collection and ethos; a new ‘Industry Zone’ will exhibit the currently dormant industrial collection; there will be retrofitted learning and engagement spaces to develop the educational aspects of the brief; as well as extensive interpretation, landscaping and biodiversity enhancements to improve connectivity across the wider site.

  • Client National Museums NI
  • StatusFertigstellung 2028

Kunst + Kultur