George Street Complex Glasgow, UK

The George Street Complex is a major mixed-use development in Glasgow City Centre. The £70 million scheme ambitiously reimagines a neglected urban block in the heart of the city, adjacent to George Square and the City Chambers and bounded by George Street, John Street, Martha Street and North Frederick Street. Two presently unused listed buildings - the A-listed former Parish Halls and the B-listed former Inland Revenue building - will be brought back into sustainable use as serviced residential apartments, with ground-level public leisure and retail uses. A new hotel building will fill a long-standing and unsightly gap site on the corner of George and John Street. A new northern edge to a reopened and widened public lane will contain a diverse range of bars, restaurants and leisure / retail uses. Above this plinth a serviced residence building will address a new public plaza to Martha Street. For more than two years, Hoskins Architects has worked closely with the Chris Stewart Group, Glasgow City Council, conservation specialists, stakeholders and community groups, to collate a body of research. This has helped inform design proposals embedded in an understanding of the site, its history, its challenges and its unique potential. Planning consent was secured in September 2017, and construction of the first phases will commence in Q2 2018.
  • Client Chris Stewart Group
  • StatusFertiggestellt

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